I’ve never felt the need to be current, follow a trend or fit in, I’m just getting on with my own gig: life’s a very short gig.

If you hail from Liverpool we’ve a saying, ‘You’ll either become a comedian, a footballer (didn’t have the legs), or a musician.’

Having lost my musical virginity to Elvis at the unfashionable age of ten, my next musical epiphany was at sixteen. Mesmerized by the spine-tingling songs of a motley crew of drop-out hippy Christians, I determined to possess that goose-bump magic too.

And so joining a commune on my seventeenth birthday, I was to spend the next ten years travelling the world with guitar in hand and like any self-respecting troubadour, sang for my daily bread and a place to rest my weary head. I’ve been singing the song ever since.

As well performing solo. you can catch me performing with The Frantastics.