The Frantastics

Let’s set the scene: think, Elvis & Cash walk through one door and exit the other wearing frocks, well that’s Frockabilly…that’s The Frantastics. Mixing and distilling their musical alchemy, they’re a head-on steam-train wreck, a collision of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Country and Americana.

‘Frances, why aren’t you number one already?’ Art Garfunkel.

‘I like it!’ Tom Robinson. Musician / BBC Radio Presenter.

‘Elvis & Cash in Frocks; Frockabilly sensations The Frantastics are the stars of the burgeoning subgenera of Frockabilly / Country Rock i.e. stilettos in place of cowboy boots.’ Time Out.

‘Sensational, one of 50 great things to discover in London and keeps them coming back; Country Rock with verve and charm. Crowd-pleasing covers and original numbers such as the bittersweet Fell in Love in a Chatroom never fails to please.’ Time Out.

‘The Frantastics are solid showmanship, with a rip-roaring repertoire of foot-stomping retro Rock ‘n’ Roll, dripping with hilarious renditions of the backwaters of Americana, making this a great night’s entertainment, simply brilliant; yee-haw!’ Time Out.